190K GD.pm ported to ActiveWare Perl

Move ported\*.* into your D:\Program Files\Perl\lib

I wouldn't call this thing as a port - let it be called 'hack'.

The only thing I need - just to make the beast to work with my
ActiveWare:Perl for Win32 Build 303
as quick as possible.

What exactly did I change and where I never bothered to log, so
it's kinda difficult for me to post diffs, and I don't have time to
figure them out now, postfactum.

I've thrown away those Fonts, and couldn't make ::loadFromGif to work
(to pass a filehandle) and changed that func to ::loadFromGifFile which
accept a filespec rather then a filehandle.
In case someone knows how to fix this - please let me know.

Another sad thing - that ::loadFromGifFile DIES in case that file couldn't
be found.
I'd probably fix that sometime.

Happy graphing/charting :)

18 мая 1998
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