The FAR File and Archive Manager
      Brief overview

      Dear User,

      Here you have the new version of FAR - File and ARchive manager.

      This software is developed to facilitate a large number of
      operations with files, folders and archives under Windows 95
      and Windows NT operating systems.

      Note, that FAR is actually the text mode shell.

      Particular features of FAR are:

        - the common file and folder functions: view, edit, copy,
          move and rename, create, delete;

        - easy to use menu driven, one-touch interface with mouse support;

        - drag and drop facility for copy and move operations;

        - easy configurable options: internal/external file viewer and
          text editor, file operation associations for certain file
          types, panel view and file sorting modes;

        - long file name support;

        - NTFS "compressed" attribute and hard links support;

        - plugin modules and commands: default plugins set
          includes archive management plugin, FTP client,
          network browser and temporary panel, but you may
          write your own plugins;

        - tunable configuration, color scheme customization;

        - online help;

        - user menu;

        - clipboard functions;

        - file descriptions support;

        - clock, simple screen saver;

        - task list and control;

        - Windows registered types usage;

        - explore FAR and you will get more!

     See file License.txt for Usage and Distribution license.

     See file FarFAQ.txt to know information on known problems
     and hints.

     Author contact information for reports and internet
     distribution information is located in file Far_Site.txt.

30 октября 1997
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