74K BP7 AutoCorrector 3.8

Вы сидите в Borland Pascal IDE, и пишете текст, не нажимая shift:

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Borland Pascal 7.XX
AutoCorrector Version 3.8+ (c) 1994-96 Alexander Petrosyan & Slava Gostrenko.


   Borland Pascal AutoCorrector is a program that makes it much easier to edit
   your  programs in Borland Pascal's IDE. Using expandable dictionary BP Auto
   Corrector  beautifies  your  sources  on the fly. Type "tmysuperobject" and
   look  at  the screen. You will see "TMySuperObject". And you do not have to
   press  shift  keys  to  type such a nice identifiers. AutoSave feature will
   unglue  your  hands  from  <F2> key. VideoSubst feature will enable Borland
   Pascal's  IDE  to  work in video modes others than 80x25 and 80x50. Now you
   may set up your BP to work in any text video mode that is supported by your
   video  card.  You  may  use  VESA  video modes too and enjoy modes with the
   resolution up to 132x60.

   Patches included in the "plus" version of AutoCorrector will add 2 lines to
   your edit windows thus making a real full screen editor of the BP's IDE. In
   this process Menu and Status lines will be removed from the screen. Patches
   include  some  usefull  key  substitutions. <F2> will be calling <Save All>
   function  instead  of  just  <Save>,  <Alt-F6>  will  select <Primary File>



Complete installation:

   Put  all  the files in your BP\Bin\ directory and run Inst_BPR.Bat. It will
   guide  you  through  the  installation process. Answer the questions and do
   what you'll be prompted to.

Installation of BP IDE patches:

   Run  BPIDE.Bat  (It  is  automaticly  called  from  Inst_BPR.Bat).  It will
   substitute   resources   stored   in  your  BP.Exe  with  those  stored  in
   BPIDE.TVR.  Then Cracker.Exe will be run. Select and perform BP IDE patches
   offered  there.  If  you  have  updated  your  BP  with Borland Pascal with
   Objects 7.0 Maintenance Release then select the patch for BP version 7.01.

   Note that the patch named "Extend Size Limits of a DeskTop & Disable status
   line"  is  required  for  your  new IDE to look well with the new resources
   recorded into BP.Exe. "Disable opening windows cascade" is optional.

Manual installation of AutoCorrector only:

   Copy BP.EXE -> BP.XXX
   Run CRACKER.EXE and perform AutoCorrector patch.
   Run COMPILE.BAT to compile your own version of AutoCorrector.
   Copy BP.XXX, BPR.EXE, WORDS to your \BIN directory if you wish.


   Instead of BP run BPR

   After pressing almost any key...
     ...identifiers (TMySuperObject)
       are searched for words from dictionary (WORDS.);
       found words (case insensetive) are replaced with that words (as is).
       Parts  of  identifier  that  are not parts of words from dictionary are
     ...keywords (begin): are lowercased.
     ...hexadecimals ($ABCD): are uppercased.
     ...strings, comments, asms: are keeped unchanged.

   Above  are  the  default  settings.  You  may  change them. See BPR.CFG for

Keys to activate BPR:

   Alt+Insert:  Insert word to dictionary (case sensitive)
   Alt+Delete:  Delete word from dictionary (case insensitive)


   BP.XXX, dictionary (WORDS.) and configuration file (BPR.CFG) are searched
     1. In current directory
     2. By PATH
     3. In BPR.EXE directory


   /AutoSave[:N]   Every  N  seconds  F2  key  press will be emulated. Default
                   value  = 60 seconds (1 minute). By default AutoSave feature
                   WILl  NOT  BE ACTIVATED. Pass /AutoSave parameter to BPR to
                   activate  it.  Note  that  this feature may be not compiled
                   into your version of BPR.

   /IdleTime:N     BPR  will always wait N seconds after last key press before
                   AutoSave. Default = 10 seconds.

   /VideoSubst[:N] IDE  will be run in the Nth video mode instead of 3rd. E.i.
                   IDE's attempts to set 3rd video mode will be substituted to
                   setting  of  Nth  video mode. If N is greater than 255 then
                   VESA  functions  will  be  used.  By  default N = 265 (VESA
                   132x25  with character 14x8 or 16x8). By default VideoSubst
                   feature  WILL  NOT BE ACTIVATED. Pass /VideoSubst parameter
                   to  BPR  to  activate it. Note that this feature may be not
                   compiled  into  your  version of BPR. In the modes with the
                   high  resolution  the  contents  of  the full screen window
                   may  be  not displayed well. Reduce the window size in this
                   case. It is still possible to use the whole screen area for
                   several windows displayed simultaniously.

                   Vesa extended text modes:

                   264 (108h)   80x60  text
                   265 (109h)   132x25 text
                   266 (10Ah)   132x43 text
                   267 (10Bh)   132x50 text
                   268 (10Ch)   132x60 text

                   Or use your video card specific video modes.

                   Note  that  menu and status line may be not displayed well.
                   You  may  install  BP  IDE  patches  included in the "plus"
                   version of AutoCorrector to avoid this problem. Status line
                   and  menu  will  be removed from the screen and will not be
                   displayed  at all. However menu will still be working. Just
                   press  <F10> and down arrow or use Alt+Hot_Key combinations
                   (Alt+F to pop up File menu, etc.).

   You  may  put  your  options  into the configuration file. Each line in the
   configuration  file  can  contain only one parameter. Parameters in command
   line  override  parameters  in  configuration file. You may pass parameters
   described  in  bpr.cfg via command line too. Remember to put slash in front
   of  each  parameter you pass this way. And remember that there is no spaces
   allowed  between  parameter name and it's value if this parameter is passed
   via  command  line.  Being put in the configuration file parameter need not
   have a slash before its name.

Thanks to:

   Andrew Nazemnov (Found bug: wrong parameters passing)

   * FIDO 2:50/335.16


   Alexander Petrosyan (General idea + BP reverse engineering + programming)

   * data  +7-095-536-4260 9600,XA,CM,LO,V32B,V42B
   * voice +7-095-535-2222
   * EMAIL paf@fbit.msk.su
   * FIDO  2:5020/468.8

   Slava Gostrenko (Fast subwords searching algorithm + features&installation)

   * EMAIL gw@aha.ru
   * WWW   http://sunny.aha.ru/~gw/  <- Latest versions and info are here
   * FIDO  2:5020/201.105, 2:5020/468.105

   Authors  are  really  waiting for your comments on this programm. E-Mail us
   anytime   you   wish   and   dont   forget   to   visit   my  homepage  at
   http://sunny.aha.ru/~gw/ (read http.www file included in this package)! ;-)

30 октября 1997
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